Cheers for Amanda update

March 7, 2010

There is a beautiful video on Cheers for Amanda with an update. Grab your tissues...

Becky asked me how I knew Amanda awhile back. The fact is...I don't know Amanda personally, but I do know her momma...Denise and I were best friends during high school.

Our last names were beside each other alphabetically, so our lockers were always next to each other. We put a lock on one and kept the other unlocked and shared them. I imagine all lockers in highschools are locked these days. Back then, we had to get special permission to get the lock! We took almost every class together, except she was brave (and smart) enough to take biology. I passed on that one. *wink* Most importantly, Denise and Karen (our other best friend) invited me to go to Spring Valley Bible Camp one summer. It was there where I heard the Gospel for the first time. Denise and Karen have a very special place in my heart and so does Amanda...


  1. Oh, what a wonderful story, Amy! To have such wonderful friends who wanted you to hear the Word of God! Those are PRECIOUS friends!


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