Typical conversation with Mitchell

January 29, 2010

Setting: Right after the smell of smoke took over my basement because of the dryer.

Me: Mitch, I need you to reach your hand into the dryer vent, it's that hole in the wall right there, and get the lint out. 

Mitchell: I'm not putting my hand in there.

Me: Mitch...It's what men do. Now go get the lint.

Mitchell bravely puts his hand in about 4 inches.

Me: You have to reach all the way in to the end.

Mitchell: *sigh*

After a few seconds...

Mitchell: Here. *hands me some lint*

Me: Great! Go see if there is more.

Mitchell: There isn't any more. I got it all.

Me: Go check one more time.

Mitchell reaches in again....

Mitchell: Here's some more. *hands me more lint*

Me: Excellent! Check again.

Mitchell: Mom...I got it all.

Me: Go check again.

Mitchell: Mom! I got it all!!

Me: Just go make sure.

Mitchell: sighing with annoyance as he reaches in.

Mitchell: Here. That's it. It's all gone. *hands me more lint*

Me: Great! Check again.

Mitchell: MOM!! I got it ALL.

Me: You said that 3 times already and you found more. Check again.

Mitchell: Mom, I am serious. I got it all.

Me: Okay...Go get Reagan. I want him to check it for me.

Mitchell muttering to himself as he walks upstairs: Why doesn't she ever believe me....


Hmmm...I wonder why?? ;o)

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  1. Good morning, Amy~

    ROFLOL! Oh my......this is everyDAY at my house! My son and I have this same conversation all the time about one thing or another!

    It's nice to know I'm not alone! :> )



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