January 21, 2010

The one word to accurately define my week would be:

tension |ˈten sh ən|

Tuesday, my chiropractor took care of this type of tension...

•the state of having the muscles stretched tight, esp. as causing strain or discomfort: the elimination of neck tension can relieve headaches.

The next two go hand in hand:

the degree of tightness of stitches in machine sewing.
mental or emotional strain : a mind that is affected by stress or tension cannot think as clearly.

See if you can follow along...

I have been battling with my sewing machine (tension) all week. Of course, it only acts up when I have a project that must be done at a certain time (tension). A mom at church asked me to make a crib skirt for her new baby boy. This would be the mom I am avoiding for 100 years due to the butterfly fiasco (tension). With Thursday being the day of her baby shower, I was on a time crunch (tension) to get it done and since it's a gift, I wanted it to look especially nice (tension). I've never made one before (tension), but the pattern looked easy enough.

As I began to sew, I realized something was off (tension) with my sewing machine, but no matter what adjustments (tension) I tried, I couldn't get it right (tension) (tension). In desperation, I came out of lurkdom and posted on Stashbusters (tension). Within minutes of posting, the internet went down (tension). I was on my own in dealing with (tension) and (tension). I dug out the owner's manual and researched (tension). I study (tension). I adjust (tension). I test (tension). Rinse and repeat a dozen times (tension) Then, in desperation (tension), I turn to the page in my manuel....How To Thread Your Machine...Just in case, you know. Of course, I am not silly enough to have my machine threaded wrong.

No way....

Ummm...Yes, way.

embarrassed | emˈbarəst|

feeling or showing embarrassment : she became embarrassed at her own effusiveness 

As of this morning, all are taken care of, except for the part about cannot think as clearly. That seems to be my status quo.

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