Matt Chandler: Suffering well

January 31, 2010

DALLAS – Matt Chandler doesn't feel anything when the radiation penetrates his brain. It could start to burn later in treatment. But it hasn't been bad, this time lying on the slab. Not yet, anyway.

Chandler's lanky 6-foot-5-inch frame rests on a table at Baylor University Medical Center. He wears the same kind of jeans he wears preaching to 6,000 people at The Village Church in suburban Flower Mound, where the 35-year-old pastor is a rising star evangelical Christianity.
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My first introduction to Matt Chandler was via Wretched Radio when they played this sound bite several months ago.

I've been listening to Matt's sermons via podcast ever since. This man preaches the gospel, preaches it well and is living what he preaches.


  1. Hi, Amy~

    I have never heard of this young man before. What a powerful speaker. I was saddened to hear of his diagnosis of cancer. I am praying for him and his family as they have a long road ahead of them!

    Thank you for sharing this video clip!


  2. I LOVE Matt Chandler - been praying for him


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