January 28, 2010

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know yesterday Apple announced their new toy...the iPad.

I confess, I have been anxiously waiting to see what it was going to be like and have been following the rumors for months about it , so I was pretty pumped when it was announced. After watching the videos, reading the specs and measuring my purse to see if it would fit, I calmed down enough to really think about whether I would use it. I concluded it was just an overgrown iTouch and one that I can't carry easily. If the later generations come out with features that make me want to take a second look, maybe I'll consider it, but for now, it's a "no go" for this Apple fan...

Sorry, Josh Harris, I am with Tim Challies on this one....


  1. Wow.....that looks to big and cumbersome to be taking along with me in my purse.

    I think I could do without that as well!

  2. I've been loving my iPad. I'm going to review it on my blog today.

  3. It doesn't do anything my iPhone can't do. :-(
    If it had Flash . . . then I'd want one for Joshie!


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