Christmas in Virginia

December 31, 2009

We left the day after Christmas at 2:00 am and began a 19 hour journey to VA to visit Haley and Jason. We had bad weather heading out and it was iffy at one point in IL if we were going to have to turn back and come back home, but God was merciful, the weather cleared up and the rest of the trip was uneventful. It was wonderful having all my kids together again. :o)

A few highlights from our whirlwind trip...

Sunspots Studio - We watched an artist make blown glass ornaments and a drinking glass. Amazing!

P Buckley Moss museum - I purchased this darling print called, "Lambs, lambs, lambs."

Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house -  The view was breathtaking!

Shopping at Short Pump Mall - And getting to meet my Swappie sister, Elaine.

And my precious children...

And, one more important addition...My new grand dog, Mr. Huey Biggens. Holden adopted one of Haley's basset hound pups. He is the sweetest thing ever!

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