"Adopted For Life" giveaway

October 28, 2009

My favorite pastor is giving away two copies of the book, "Adopted For Life," by Russell Moore. As you all know, adoption is near and dear to my heart, so it's my pleasure to pass this on. Head over to An Infant in a Cradle for all the details on how to enter.

One of the ways to enter in the give-away is to share a link to a new Reformed Praise hymn, called, "Though I was an Orphan," .....the other way to enter is to send a copy of the hymn to your pastor, but since my favorite pastor wrote the hymn, I have a feeling he already has a copy of it. *wink*....But I digress.....I highly encourage you to go to Reformed Praise to listen to the hymn, "Though I was Born an Orphan," and read the lyrics. You will be blessed!!

While you are there, check out the other hymns written by Eric Schumacher and David Ward.

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