A few more sewing projects

October 7, 2009

I've been busy....And I love it...

Obviously, this is a tote bag that I made yesterday. Do I dare admit I went to bed after 1:00 am because I had to finish it? This is my 3rd attempt at tote bags. I'm getting better at it. I used several different patterns and combined them to make this one.

The pocket is off center, however, it was my first attempt at adding a pocket, so I am trying to not to let it bug me too much. I sewed down the middle of it, so it is actually two pockets. Yes, I clipped the thread you see in the picture.

Magnetic snap. No velcro for this bag. :o)

Close up of the cute fabric. I love the sheep. I am not fond of cartoony sheep. Most fabric I find with sheep don't strike my fancy. This fabric was a find...

A new quilt.

Another new quilt. This one has my name on it. :o) I love the robins egg blue color along with the pink.

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