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September 1, 2009

My goal has been to start school today with the boys, however, I woke up with a migraine, so we are going to delay the start by a day or two. I hate feeling like I am behind before I even begin.

I've been reading my blogger friends' posts, but not responding. I'm way behind there, too. Not to mention the emails. Oy!

I do have two small quilt tops done, but alas, I need someone with a long-arm to help me finish them. My goal was to have them done by now. *sigh*

Shananne and I did get the web pages for the women's conference mostly done last week, and our super-duper smart and talented Pastor Josh tidied them up for us. I've learned that I have a lot to learn...A LOT!! However, I know who can teach me. *tee hee* He is brilliant....

Last night, Russ and I had a date night. He took me to one of my favorite stores, Stuff Etc. I bought a treasure!! Russ was less than thrilled. I think it's adorable. It looks cute with some of my new fabric stash I've been collecting all tucked away inside.

Nancy or Melony, do you have any ideas on how to fix it up?

Oh, the migraine medicine is kicking in. Relief!

On a serious note...My daughter's best friend's two month old baby is seriously ill with bleeding on the brain and seizures. I'll be creating a button for him soon. Prayers for baby Tristan would be appreciated.

~ Do I dare confess I wrote this before noon and am just now, over 3 hours later, remembering to click "post?" LOL!

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