Your suffering does not just belong to you

July 6, 2009

In my email, I received a message from Karen, Brooklyn's other birth grandma. Her dad died suddenly on the 4th. I know the pain of losing a parent and my heart broke for her. Not coincidentally (I don't believe in coincidences. I call them appointments from God), she was in the waiting room of the chiropractor this morning when I got there. I was able to hug her and share in her grief. Please pray for her.

In my inbox when I got home was a fabulous post by Tim Challies. If you do not read his blog, you must begin today. His post today was on suffering. After seeing the suffering in Karen's eyes, it hit home for me in a big way. All of us have suffered in one way or another. All of us, I suspect, have asked, "Why?" Perhaps his post will help you see your suffering a new light...

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  1. How true that is... our suffering is not our own. It is God's to use as He sees fit.

    Years ago I never could have said that as I cried out to God those "whys?" of infertility, but years later, still not having the answer I thought I wanted, I can say God is GOOD and my suffering and story is His to use to bless or encourage others.

    Thanks for sharing this Amy & I'm so glad you were where God needed you to bless Karen!


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