Way up yonder

July 7, 2009

My daughter, the dare devil. I mean, seriously...She used to ride down the steps in a laundry basket. She used to jump off the roof of my mom's garage onto a mattress. And those are only two example of the numerous dare devil things she did and I'm sure there are more that's she hasn't told me about!!

Okay, but now she has taken her daredevil ways to a whole new level.

UP! ^

HIGH! ^^

Whoa!! I get dizzy just looking at these pictures.

Haley with her sweet husband, Jason...with their feet planted firmly on the earth, where they ought to stay!!

Jason cautioning Haley to watch her step.

The crane floor...*shudder*

Jason at the top! He does this every day. Can you imagine??

Jason looking over the city.

Haley at the top of Jason's crane tower....

*Haley emailed me to tell me this crane was 200' tall. The ones that Jason worked with in Vegas were 700' tall!


  1. SCARY, SCARY, SCARY! I'm SO afraid of heights, I'd never be where your beautiful daughter is standing! EEEEK! I'm sure one of the reasons God made me short is b/c He knew He'd also make me afraid heights. LOL! ♥

  2. Phew, I'm dizzy too. This girl does NOT do anything high. Climbing our six foot ladder makes my tummy flutter.

  3. Very fun looking! I LOVE looking down from heights. My hubby... not so much! ;-)

  4. Your lovely daughter has a lot of guts...way more than me. Have never had a fear of heights, but definitely a respect for them.

    Even high step ladders are no problem, but that scaffolding would DEFINITELY be a problem!!!

    Michael has a big fear of heights so I won't even show him these pictures!

    blessings and hugs,



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