Two birds flew away

July 22, 2009

My son left this morning on a new adventure. To a new place, a new state to try and make his mark on the world. I'm not so sure why he felt he had to go so far away, but there you have it. So now two of my birds have flown far, far away. One on each coast and I am here in the middle, missing them...Being a momma is not easy...


  1. I always teast my boys that Lily will be the first one to move out. But, if the truth were told I like having them here!

  2. It is so hard when the birdies fly off, but it means they are confident and ready to do what the mama bird has hopefully trained them well to do! You did a GOOD job, amy!

    blessings and extra hugs,


  3. OH! how I identify with you! Watching Casey drive away was so hard this past summer. She ended up being lonely, homesick and broke, but my my my how she loved being independent.
    Amy, You will always have an important role in their life, matter the distance!

  4. Thank you, Becky...He did call when he finally made it to LAX. He sounded very excited. We have an appointment every Monday to talk on the phone. I'm counting the days....*smile*

  5. Aw Amy... I'm sorry Sweetie. Think on the bright side... at least you have places to go visit with free accommodation :-)(?) Hugs xo

  6. It tugs at the heart when one leaves the nest. It is hard to stop mothering your children...Becky H


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