Things In My House Thursday

July 16, 2009


The FlipI'd like to have one of these things in my house. Does anyone own one? How do you like it??

Edit: Okay...Did some research. They aren't Mac friendly and a reviewer said that the videos you can make with a digital camera are just as good....So...Guess I don't want one in my house, now. ;o)

Come join MommySweetMom for Things In My House Thursday and share the things in your house!!

PS: Mitchell's room is clean. ;o)


  1. The saddest part of this is that I'm not even sure what these are!! Mini camcorders? Amy, is there ANYTHING in the electronic world that you are not a whiz at???



  2. I have to agree with Marcy - I don't even know what it is! However, I'm pretty technologically-challenged. I just have the most basic cell phone, no iPod/MP3 player, etc.
    I think you should teach US about it :)
    BTW - looked up the cecropia moth you mentioned, and it is very cool!!

  3. And just think of the money you saved! Phew.


  4. One of these is on my Amazon wishlist; has been for a l o n g time.....


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