Things In my House Thursday

July 9, 2009


Welcome to the room that Mitchell said is clean. He said it with a tone that clearly conveyed I was nuts to even suggest it needed some attention.

I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

When Mitchell saw the picture of his closet, he did admit that it was messy and needed cleaned up.
You think??

On to the spare bedroom we turned into a TV/Wii room for the boys. It looks like Mitchell's room needed a spillway...

He wants me to make sure you all know he is in the middle of a project...I wonder why it has looked like this for the last 6 months???? It's a long project, I guess.

*Disclaimer: The owner of the room(s) is fully aware of the existence of these pictures and of this post that is being shared today. No toys, hangers, dirty undies or dirty dishes were placed in the rooms by the photographer (me).*

Disclaimer #2: I LOVE my son, even though his room is messy...All the time...

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  1. Thanks for making me feel better about the condition of my kids' rooms ... hey, at least he had a McCain/Palin sign on the door!

  2. LOL Mitch and I have the same view of clean! :P

  3. I agree it was a great sign on the door. Kelly's room at one time made your son's look neat as a pin (had to step over things to get inside and the closet was piled high with stuff when you opened the door!! She stays motivated somewhat nowadays when she realizes it has to be minimally straightened up if she wants on the computer!!

    blessings and hugs,


  4. I don't there something wrong with his room? ;-)

    LOL, house has looked like a dorm room since sweet son has been home for the summer.

    I love the sign on his door! You're raising that kid right!!


  5. What a cute post! Boys don't do clean. When I was a tween, my aunt and her son lived with us. He was about six or seven. I'd have him go clean his room and when I went to check, on the surface it did seem clean. That is until you looked under the bed, opened the closet, or even lifted up the bean bag. LOL The funny thing is most kids could walk into their chaotic room and find just what they are looking for. Hee.

  6. My mom love this jk, my room and play room look allot better. And i was in a project but it didn't work :( and my mom said the play room was a mess for 6 months it has look like that for 3 days, well it will be cleaner soon.


  7. It's NOT just boys; Jessica's room looked like this when she was young, and Mary's would too if we didn't hound her about it (knowing from Jessica how bad it could get). With Jessica I drew the line when clean clothes would be back in the laundry room without having been worn - because that was easier than putting them away!

  8. my OCD makes me want to come over and clean that up... just for the fact that it's cluttering my screen right now and I don't do clutter...

  9. ROFLOL Wow Mitch! 3 days is still a long time in mom time though :P

  10. Its clean now.



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