Thankful for the 1st mom

July 6, 2009

Thirteen years ago today, a young teenage girl gave life to my son. She was brave to carry him until he was ready to be born and brave to place him with a family to raise him. I am grateful for her acts of bravery. Today, as we celebrate his birthday as a family, I am quietly praying for his birth mom and I honor her for the sacrificial love she had for her baby boy, the boy I get to call my son.


  1. How wonderful to honor her - what a great gift she gave you!

  2. Great post! Happy birthday to your son.


  3. Beautiful post! Happy birthday to your son!


  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy! I wish every young (and old) girl would realize the importance of every child created and that there is lots of love out there for adoption.

  5. I have tears in my eyes, not only for the gift of your son into your life, but for the sacrificial gift given by that special young lady 13 years ago. She is a hero for sure! God bless her wherever she is!



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