New throw pillows

July 27, 2009

Throw pillows are ridiculously expensive, in my opinion, especially if you want bigger, sturdier ones. Today I made 3 for less than $10.

This white material was wrapped over the memory foam pad we recently bought for our bed. The instructions said to toss it, but I knew I'd find a use for it and I did! I made two pillow covers to cover 2 down comforters I bought in high school that were in sad, sad shape. They both had long channels, so all the down was on the edges and none in the middle. As you can see, I just shoved one of the comforters in a cover I made.

This is a Ralph Lauren feather pillow I found at Goodwill for $2. Ugly color!! But nice pillow! It just needed a new cover.

Using Waverly material I found at the Salvation Army, it took only a little bit of time to make envelope covers for the three pillows. They are comfy and perfect for an afternoon nap. :o)

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