Brooklyn @ 2

July 15, 2009

This picture really shows off Brooklyn's outgoing personality. She claps and says, "Yeah!" a lot! She is very expressive. :o)

This picture shows off her sweet face... What a dolly. :o)


  1. All the love she's getting just shows through her cute expressions...all children should radiate this happiness!

    blessings with hugs,


  2. She looks so sweet. I'll be you love spending time with her. Take care and give her a hug from me. ~Natalie

  3. She's so precious! I love the one where she's clapping...the joy shown by a child can't be beat! Thanks for sharing her with us!


  4. LOL Brooklyn looks like she's giving a presentation in that first pic! What a cutie pie!!

  5. She sure is a cutie :-) I can tell she brings a lot of joy to those around her!


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