Things in My House Thursday

June 18, 2009


Ut oh!!! Look at what I found! Brooklyn's "socks" book! I was supposed to mail it back to her before I left on vacation, but with the craziness of the packing and getting ready to go, I completely forgot until yesterday! Yikes!

Sorry, Brooklyn! I'll mail it when my SUV is fixed. :o)


  1. Whoops! Oh, well...she'll have a surprise in the mail...


  2. I had that exact book as a child - LOVE it (and all Dr Seuss, really). I'm sure Brooklyn will enjoy getting it back!

  3. Hope this wasn't her very favorite book! If it was they've surely had to buy a replacement copy by now, :)

    Thanks for sharing your forgetfulness for a remembered TIMHT, LOL!


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