Kind of bored...Shhhh...

June 29, 2009

Don't tell my boys because the rule at our house is, if they say they are bored, then I find work for them to do. Shhhh....I have many things I could be doing. Sewing projects that need finished, a house with a few dust bunnies running around, a garden that could stand a bit of weeding, instead I am sitting here not doing anything of major importance.

Okay...that's enough. I'm going to go get something done today, even if it's only cleaning up the dog do-do in the yard. Now that sounds like fun! NOT! ;o)


  1. Your secret is safe with me!! And I say blogging is doing something so the day isn't a total loss. LOL

  2. ROFLOL My mom does the same thing! Bored is a word everyone avoids. Well, bored does mean uninterested, so you're not saying that you have nothing to do, it means you're not interested in what you have to do :P


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