Things In My House Thursday

May 21, 2009

RS small TIMHT

Since I have my precious granddaughter in my house, that's what I am sharing today. :o)

Can you tell who she adores?? I told Mitchell that every family has a crazy uncle and he is it. ;o)

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  1. LOVE the video! She is so adorable. It cracked me up that the dog would pick up the ball and move it in front of her even though it was inches from her feet! LOL

    It looks to me like Mitchell doesn't mind one bit being that crazy uncle!

  2. She really is a doll Amy! I bet you are in 7th Heaven with her there :-)

    How old is your son in the pics? I became an Aunt when I was 8 years old! Feels like forever now - lol


  3. The two of them are beautiful! So is the adoption story. You are right,..God is so good!

  4. She is SO sweet! As is her uncle with her. I really see a resemblance in the photo where they're both looking up.

  5. Blogspot is still acting up today, but at least I got here now.

    She is so cute and her uncle is so cute too...what a delightful time you must be having...loved the precious video!



  6. I've had trouble getting to your blog - on IE it wouldn't load at all; I've missed so much!

    I love the video with the doggie - I've never owned a dog that will bring the ball back. What a perfect playmate for sweet Brooklyn.

    Those boys; for whatever reasons Charlotte is 'obsessed' with Christopher.

    On a side note, good grief! - Mitchell is soooooooo good-looking; there's gonna be a lot more girls go ga-ga over him, :)

  7. What fun they are having together! They are both so cute.


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