My sister-in-law's chiropractor to the rescue

May 14, 2009

My sis-in-law has been trying to get me to go to her chiropractor for over a year to get help for my migraines. I finally agreed and today was my first visit. Now, he is a very nice man and loves Jesus, but I am fairly sure there is some seriousness quackiness going on.

He did some strength tests. He would push down on my arm and I was told to resist as he touched different pressure points. There were several times when my arm would drop like a stone! He said my thyroid was low and my adrenal gland wasn't working right, as well as a couple other things, however, I will not share that information, thank-you-very-much. My neck is very tight, as well. He ordered a few x-rays and asked me to come back on Monday.

Now this is going to be interesting!!


  1. I've been to the chiropractor before. I fell out of a tree and twisted my spine, then got caught in a tornado. Chiropractors are amazing!

    I hope it works for ya!

  2. I have been to a chiropractor since I was 22 after a head-on car collision the year before. It is amazing how the body is so intertwined and they know what's going on because one little thing they can see is out. It reminds me that we are fearfully & wonderfully made.

    I hope this works for those headaches, Amy!!


  3. Keep the faith!! The thing with chiropractors is they are all different in their approach. I've had good success with chiros. Good luck to ya!!

    Kinda on the subject, have you heard of Trigger Points? I deal with them as part of the fibromyalgia. They could be your problem with the headaches. A great book you could pick up at your library is The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook:

  4. I hope you have been starting to feel better. My hubby visits his chiropractor on a regular basis. Have a great weekend. Take care ~Natalie

  5. he could tell you thyroid was low from doing strength tests?? have you had your TSH checked?


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