My Doctor to the rescue!

May 13, 2009

I am on a new to me medication for high blood pressure that is supposed to help prevent migraines. I confess that I was very relieved when she assured me that I didn't have Alzheimer's, a brain tumor or something equally as alarming. Much of my forgetfulness is due to stress, the migraines and anxiety. The bonus with the new medication is that it's often used to relieve performance anxiety. If it helps my migraines and anxiety, that would be awesome! She did warn me that it could make me sleepy for a time until I adjust to it, so last night, I crawled into bed ready to get a good nights sleep. Being the ever contrary one, I ended up not being able to sleep. It's a cloudy rainy day, so a nap, or two, is in the plans today. :o)


  1. I pray this new medication takes effect quickly and that you don't have any more migraines!

    As to naps on a cloudy day: love it!!

  2. Oh Amy... I'm like that too with medications - I get the opposite effects.

    I hope this works for you though because I can't imagine living with migraines regularly. Yuck!

    Take it easy on yourself today - might just need to be a quiet day for the kiddos!


  3. Ooohhh, I hope it works for you!!! Are you like me? You went to bed with this running through your head: "is going to make me tired? is it going to make me tired?" which tends to amp me up and then I can't sleep!!!

  4. YES!!! I couldn't sleep last night and I only took 1 45 minute nap!


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