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May 30, 2009

A lovely young lady sent me this wonderful piece of art that she created based on my blog. I think you will agree she is very clever, creative and talented.

First, the big picture. I love how detailed her work is.

In this scene are my two oldest children. Notice the bird in the tree? That was based on my post about the Spring robin game that Holden and I used to play. And the beautiful girl on the swing with the long flowing blonde is Haley.

Next we have Reagan as the knight. Remember what a brave knight he was on May Day two years ago?

Inside the fierce dragon costume we have Clay, representing all of my fur kids.

Laying on the ground gazing up at the sky, we have the jester, who would be Mitchell, since he always loves to share a good joke and he is definitely entertaining, even when he doesn't try. What is he gazing at?

His Wii remote. :-D

Of course, we have a castle where we all reside. With no termites, don't cha know! And it's on a hill with lots of land. *sigh* My dream home in the country...

Of course, this is my darling king Rusty and I. I can only dream of being that thin!

And, of course....A flock of sheep.

Thanks, Gen-Gen...I it!

And I love you, too...


  1. What a clever little artist and what a compliment to your Blog!!



  2. :B I'm glad you like it Mrs. Amy. I love you too! :D

  3. What a creative thing to do!! Too cute!

  4. That's a beautiful picture. I loved sharing in the imagination. Blessings. ~Stacey <><

  5. What an inspiration you are to this artist! How sweet, :)

  6. Now THAT is what I call art! A priceless treasure indeed.


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