Migraine update

May 9, 2009

Russ took me to the ER today, I didn't actually go in. By the time I got there, the 2nd dose of .75 mg of Xanax kicked in and I fell asleep. This was arond 1:30 this afternoon. Russ drove me back home and I slept in the car until 7:00 tonight, came in the house and slept again until 9:00 tonight.

It was the worst migraine I have had to date. One more acupuncture visit to go and if that doesn't work, I'm trying a chiropractor. If that doesn't work, I guess finding a neurologist would be a plan....I have my annual doctor visit at the end of this month, so I can discuss my options.

I scared my family today with my crying... *sad*

Marcy, where do I find ginger root pills? I'd like to have those on hand, too.


  1. Oh Amy! I am so so sad to read what a horrific day you had with your migraine. I can't imagine how scary this must be for you at times.

    I am going to ramp up prayers for you Sweetie! I hope you find something that works soon!

    Big hugs

  2. Amy, I am sorry to hear this. Perhpas it's the darkest before the dawn with the acupuncture. Keep us posted.


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