Kayaking with hubby...

May 24, 2009

It was a beautiful day to float down the river. :o)


  1. It was a beautiful day here too...Looks like you're having fun! Have a nice holiday. ~Natalie

  2. How fun!!!! Did you do the flip like the hubs did in the video??? If so, I hope it was on purpose. HA

  3. Very fun, Amy! Love the color of your kayak too! My sister has 2 kayaks and I've gone out a few times with her up at my Dad's place on the Lake!

    Have a great long weekend!

  4. The neon green kayak is awesome; looks like a wonderful day, :)

  5. I'm waiting for the video of YOU rolling!! Hah!

  6. It looks like it was a pretty day. I'm mass responding to your posts from work today; for some reason my computer at home doesn't like to visit certain blogs all of a sudden. Ugh.



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