Happy Mother's Day...a day late

May 11, 2009

I have my Mother's Day cards sitting in front of me, unopened. I couldn't open them when I was sick. I'll open them tonight when we can all be together. I'll even leave the chocolate *gasp* unopened.

Stephanie of A is for Aiden, made a lovely mother's day tribute. When I sent in my few pictures to contribute to her montage, this one made me cry....

My wedding day...I asked my mom, who owned a flower shop at that time, if she would make my bouquet for me. Though it was my second marriage, I never had a bouquet. I told her to make it anyway she wanted using any colors she wanted. She went above and beyond making me a gorgeous bouquet, she made all the corsages and boutonnieres, too.

Thanks, Mom, for making my wedding day beautiful...I miss you...


  1. What a special memory!

    Hope you are feeling better today, Sweetie! Good restraint on the chocolate btw ;-)


  2. Happy belated Mom's day to you Amy. Your mom did a wonderful job on the flowers. How wonderful to be able to look back on that day with such a special touch.

  3. moms' are a girl's best friend aren't they?? I loved seeing your wedding pic.


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