Working on the Swap

April 8, 2009

The last two days I have been spending some much needed time on The Swap. It's a web site for homeschooling, but all are welcome on our forums. We have quite a few people who hang out with us who don't homeschool. I'm fixing web pages, updating buttons and general maintenance stuff. I like doing this kind of work. :o) I think it's fun to play with the ftp and html codes.

I'd better get back to work!! :D


  1. What does one do on The Swap? Can I sell home school materials / used books there?

  2. Guess I could've clicked on the link before asking questions.....

    So, let me rephrase... any helpful tips or advice for using the site?

    And what all is your connection? Did you start the website?

  3. No, I didn't start the site. It's been around for over 12 years...I'll have to check on that fact. Kel and I are co-owners and when we get tired of running it, we'll pass it on to someone else. I've been co-running it since Oct 2007.

    When you register to sell stuff, let Kel know that I know you. If you want to join the forums, I'll watch for your name to come through and get you added ASAP. :-)

  4. I found The Swap shortly after I got online in 1996! Thanks, Amy, for all your hard work!


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