What kind of bird is this?

April 25, 2009

Casey, on her way to the store, called to tell me to look out my window. I grabbed my camera and took pictures through the glass, so the quality is not great. I wonder what they are??


  1. As a trained professional birdologist, I my professional opinion is that your yard has a case of white pigeons: Google image search.

  2. You are a trained professional birdologist?! I had no idea!! LOL!!

    Are white pigeons common, Mr. Birdologist Prof?

  3. Not in my yard. Maybe in yours. I'm more of a specialist, focusing mostly on the birds of NE Cedar Rapids within two blocks (mostly southwest) of Wright Elementary School. Maybe when I finish my dissertation on the birds that keep trying to build a nest in my mailbox, I'll widen my scope closer to the Marion area.

  4. I know what they are!!!

    Delicious, slow-cooked with an Italian-dressing marinade.

  5. lol pigeon.. but i see someone already mentioned it!


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