Twitter weirdness

April 3, 2009

I am assuming you have heard of twitter. It's been all the rage on the net for quite a while. Once upon a time, I signed up to give it a try. I tried to tweet on twitter, but I feel like a twit sharing things like:

I'm eating a chicken salad sandwich with extra mayo.

I have a cold and my nose is sore from blowing it all day.

I'm am totally clueless as to what to say in this thing...
So, I stopped tweeting on my twitter because feeling like a twit is not a good feeling.

Here is where the weirdness comes in. People are still signing up to follow my tweetless twitters. This begs the question...What is wrong with these people!? Besides the fact that they are twits, that is. :D


  1. I can relate. I am not a twitterer; I don't even facebook! I think this blogging thing is more my thing.

  2. Me too!!! I even cleared off all my past tweets and no longer have it on my blog. Haven't for a long time but someone tracked me down to follow me. How disappointed they must be not to hear snippets from my exciting life! HAHAHA

  3. I tried the twitter, and ditto with the feeling dumb about tweeting:

    'Man, our litter box stinks!'

    I'm more of a follower, :)
    I signed up because our church started tweeting! They twitter about upcoming events, cancellations for bad weather, etc.

  4. This post totally made me laugh out loud! LOL And I feel a little twitty. hahahaa

  5. LOL! This whole thing makes me say "Deja vu" I do believe I heard this before, only from your son *gig*

  6. Twitter is only for people like me --- without a life :-)

    Did you watch Twouble with Twitters?

  7. Yep ... sounds like Facebook, which I can't get into either. I've decided there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like sharing mundane details about their daily life, and those who don't :)


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