Things In My (Momma's) House Thursday

April 1, 2009

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On to the kitchen...Would you agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home? I know I spent more time in my Mom's kitchen in my life time than in any other room.

Have you noticed that there in never a place in her home that wasn't filled with stuff?? Every nook and cranny had something. You could spend hours looking around and come on another day and see stuff you missed the first time.

Through the doors is an enclosed porch.

I've always loved this yellow cupboard.

Don't you think this belongs at my house!! :D

The backside of the counter. The cookies are made of salt dough. She was into that for a while.

A tucked away corner of her kitchen...More stuff. ;)

A shelf with, you guessed it...More stuff. :D I love the glass jar on the end.

As we leave the kitchen, I leave you with this important reminder:

Come join MommySweetMom for Things In My House Thursday and share the things in your house!!


  1. Amy, love it! So neat! I like that yellow cupboard, too. I wanted to comment to you last night but my computer was acting up. I read your story about "Hope" and was so touched. It was almost like reading my own, except a little different. BTW, I think Julee is a special person, too. She was just great! We have lots in common! Woot! What a "coinky-dink" we should meet. :-) God Bless you!

  2. The copper pots are my favorite!

    Not that I wouldn't take the yellow cabinet in a heartbeat, :)

    Your mom's house is so fascinating. I love studying the pictures and seeing so many cute knick knacks and kitchenware. Like the red salt and pepper shakers (?) on the stove - I NEED those!

    Thanks for being a part of TIMHT!

  3. That is so neat! Our moms must be related, because mine's house is also VERY full of stuff. It creates such a charming effect, though. Yes, you totally need that sheep crock!
    Oh - off-topic, but - was the Obama Facebook thing an April Fool's joke? Because I checked and guess who claimed to be my 4th cousin as well ... hmmmm, it appears we're both related to our fearless leader :)


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