Slept most of the day

April 29, 2009

I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine this morning. I stayed in bed until 11:30 and took a two and a half hour nap this afternoon. I'm hoping I can sleep tonight!


  1. I hope you can sleep, too...and that your migraine goes away completely!


  2. Hope your migraine finally left. Ouchie!

  3. Well it's 11:15 pm and I'm wondering if you are awake too! Hope not, but do hope you're feeling better!

  4. Well, I could take a two and a half hour nap and still sleep..... I can even go back to bed after a cup of coffee!

    But that is neither here nor there in regards to your migraine - I hope this episode passes quickly without becoming full blown.

    Saying a prayer for you.

  5. I slept just fine...Thank you so much for praying. I have big plans for the weekend and a migraine would ruin them. You see, I am visiting a very special young lady on Saturday...Brooklyn!!

  6. Michael had a migraine bad enough to make him come home from work 2 hours early on Tuesday, but thank the Lord, it was better later that night and gone the next day (I did feed him a ginger capsule).

    blessings for your week-end,



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