Not to be outdone

April 27, 2009

Carol, of ~~Knitted Kitty~~ and MSM, of MommySweetMom are showing off their cats. I don't like to be outdone, so here is a video of my sweet (?) Gracie.

Hold on tight. The action is breathtaking!!

Oh, and please do not make fun of her haircut. She is very embarrassed enough already. *wink*


  1. Amy, are you 100% sure that that's a cat?

    And you must be using the same kind of batteries in your cat as we use in ours.... LOL; wonder what brand Carol uses? :)

  2. Now MSM... be nice to little kitty. LOL Cracking up on the batteries. We use Energizer brand!!!!

    She actually looks soft. I had a cat, Honey, years ago that often had to have her butt shaved. She'd gather sticks and stuff in her long fur. She, too, was embarrassed afterwords and would sit down were someone to laugh at her bottom.

  3. Wow, that was action packed...for a second there I think I actually saw her breathe! Our three kitties only hold that still if they're sound asleep!

    But she sure is pretty.


  4. I think that's a sheep . . . ;-)


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