Childhood Memories Friday

April 3, 2009

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Growing up, there was an unwritten rule that we could raid the change jar on my Daddy's dresser top. It was a a race between my brother and I to get there first.

As I was pondering about this memory I began to dissect it out a bit.

I never took the change if Daddy was in the room. That seemed wrong. He never just handed it to me. So, in essence, I was stealing from him, right?

However, if he allowed it and knew placing the change on his dresser was an open invitation for me to take it, was it really stealing? If he didn't want me to take it, wouldn't he have told me? I need to ask Daddy and get his viewpoint. :)

In my home, we have several change jars. I'm the only one raids them. Old habits die hard, I guess.

Come join us on Childhood Memories Friday.


  1. No stealing if he allowed it, is my thought! My step dad would let me keep all the money in one of those big water jugs as long as I counted and rolled it myself. That's pretty exciting as a young kid. LOL Good memory.

  2. How fun! I would have loved the thrill of "available change" as a child :) I love your memory!


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