Things In My (Momma's) House Thursday

March 26, 2009

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Let's continue with the tour of my Momma's house. :o) Next up is one of the rooms that they rented to those who stayed in their B&B.

Growing up, this was my brother's bed. It's not the size of a full size bed and yet it's larger than a twin, so a custom made mattress had to be made for it. The quilt is one she made early on since it's a tie quilt. Later on she had her quilts machine quilted. As for all the pillows, I have no idea where she got them all, but it's a safe bet that she found a lot of them at a garage sale or something.

I'm sorry about the glare in the picture. I wasn't thinking as I took all the pictures about the best view or how to make my pictures artsy, I was just snapping away one after another as I wondered around her home.

The desk was one that I had in my room. On the top she painted names on the "blackboard" of the children she baby sat for and the names of my friends.

If I had been thinking ahead, I would have removed the objects and taken a better picture, but on that day, it seemed wrong to move anything, even for a second.

Another quilt and a pillow she made. I love how she used buttons for the girl's hair on the pillow.

On the way out of the room, hanging on the wall at eye level is this precious picture of her daddy when he was a baby. I love this picture...

He was the only grandfather that I knew. He died when I was almost six. He and I were very close. As a child, I had very severe ear infections. My mom would share stories of how he would come hold me and rock me for hours. He also used to take me out every Saturday to eat out at the local cafe in town my great-aunts owned. He would tell my mom to me dress up in my Sunday best and he would take me there to "show me off" to the patrons. My favorite food of choice? Chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes and gravy. I've always loved carbs and have the shape to prove it. Ha!

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  1. What beautiful memories you have!

    The pics are gorgeous. I LOVE the quilt!

  2. These are wonderful memories!

    I can't believe that the bed had to have a specially-made mattress; and the buttons for hair on the pillow? Adorable!

    Grandfather's pic is the best; what an awesome grandfather he was.

    Thanks for sharing for TIMHT!

  3. I wish your mom were still here and could get together with mine ... I know they'd have a great time. My mom also loves quilting/hand sewing. And I love that picture of the kids reading - I've seen it before somewhere. The photo of your grandpa - precious!

  4. I adore the baby pic of grandpa. Very sweet.

    Great quilts. I've made a quilt before and it's a LOT of work. Such treasures to have from your mom.


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