Thank you...

March 1, 2009

My Mac is coming home tomorrow morning. :o) I wasn't going to talk about my Mac saga anymore because I felt like a whiner and I have way too much to be thankful for, however, a situation arose that I can not let pass without some word of awknowledgement....

It appears I have some dear friends who were concerned about my Mac's repair bill. They took up a collection to help pay for it. The amount collected will cover almost half of the bill!! I don't know who these friends are. They have chosen to stay anonymous, to which I totally understand since I have blessed others in this same way. I confess, I am deeply humbled to have people care about me in such a way and it's a bit embarrassing, actually... I am very, very grateful for the heartfelt gesture and accept this precious gift in the spirit in which it was given.

You have glorified God, my dear friends...


  1. Oh my gosh!! How awesome is that!!!!!! You are definitely blessed!!

  2. Wonderful, you're a blessing to so many! You'll be united with your Mac soon, too. :D

  3. How awesome - I'm so happy for you, and so thankful to them for being God's hands!


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