Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven

March 2, 2009

We bought the DVD Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven this weekend. Excellent!! I watched it four times. Mitchell is watching for the third time right now. Russ watched it twice. Reagan had a busier weekend, so he only watched it once. :o)

I've got to read the book!! Have any of you read it?


  1. I've been desperate for a new, WORTHWHILE movie to watch..... thanks for this recommendation!

  2. Wow!! Four times in one weekend! I'll have to check this puppy out!!

  3. And when, pray tell, does your pastor and his family get to borrow this?

    Also: if you haven't read the book, I have serious doubts regarding your standing in the kingdom.

  4. You can borrow it anytime. :o) I'd love for us to have a movie night at church to watch it. I think we have to purchase a license to do that. I wonder how much that would be??

  5. I've been looking for a movie to watch, too. (I love your pastor, Amy! ;-) )


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