A Mac and a sewing machine

March 24, 2009

Remember when my Mac was sick and needed fixin'? Remember how some sweet friends took up a donation to help me pay for Mac's surgery? This confession is for them, but y'all can read it. :o)

I have been harboring a guilty secret. For weeks now, I have been debating whether to say something about it here or not. I decided to spill it...You all need to know. And, after I tell you, I will happily and gratefully reimburse you for the gift towards my Mac's medical bill....

Remember my mom's sewing machine that I received in December? Bear with me, there is a connection. In this post, I mentioned that it was in the shop for a check up. I got the news from them right after my Mac got sick. It was not good news. To repair my Mom's sewing machine was going to cost $425 (as much as it was worth) and there was no guarantee that nothing else would go wrong with it and need another repair. Due to it's age, the parts for it are "astronomical" according to the Viking repair man. *sigh* What to do...I debated and went back and forth for over a week, weighing the pros and cons of fixing it. I got spoiled very quickly with the bells and whistles of Mom's machine and I knew I wanted another one with bells and whistles to replace it, if we decided to not fix it.

Meanwhile, a Yahoo group I am a member of called "Quilter's Flea market," had a new ad with three used Viking sewing machines for sale. The gal's husband told her she could upgrade to the Viking Diamond if she sold her other Viking sewing machines. They were much newer than my Mom's and she wasn't asking much more for them then it would cost for me to fix my Mom's. After much debate, Russ told me to get the newer one (our tax return money paid for it) and we would retire my Mom's machine. I'll be selling the accessories to it to recoup some of the money I spent on my new sewing machine...

Meanwhile again, you all were so generous to donate to help fix my Mac. I felt so guilty even considering getting a new sewing machine, thus...If any of you want your donation back, I will reimburse you. :o)

Now, that that is off my chest, so to speak, I want to show you what my hubby bought for me. :o)


  1. Congrats on the new machine! I'm happy for you - I know you will put it to good use!

  2. I can't wait to see some of your projects made with your new machine!! Happy happy joy joy!!


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