Just being quiet

March 6, 2009

I'm fine. I'm just being quiet. :o)

But I will say this...Spring is coming. My daffies are peeking up out of the ground and I can hear the birds singing again. Winter is almost over in Iowa. Almost. We can still have another snow storm or two.


  1. I'm glad all is well! Our daffodils are out and just starting to bloom. My tulips are up about 3" and I saw a Robin today. Spring is on its way!

  2. Ours are all over the place but we call them "buttercups"!! Bless their little yellow hearts,..they are SO confused. It snowed last Saturday and is 75 degrees this Saturday.
    In reference to some earlier posts, I am proud of you for sharing the hard things you deal with as well as the good things.
    Love and hugs from Arkansas.

  3. VERY exciting about the daffodils ... I'll have to peek at my bulbs and see if there's any action. I, too, can't WAIT for spring!


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