The joy of ironing

March 10, 2009

Since my sewing machine was broken, I decided to get my fabric out, iron it and sort it according to size in the tubs. This way, I know what I have and I don't buy material that I don't need. It didn't take long for me to discover that ironing is actually relaxing. Hearing the steam from the iron make it's hissing sound, feeling the heat and seeing the wrinkles go away on the fabric was soothing. I enjoyed it so much that I gathered up all of Russ' shirts and began to iron them, too. As I was running the hot iron over the cloth to smooth out the wrinkles on his shirts, I thought about where he wore them. He wore them to work to provide for our family. He wore them to church to worship God. As I ironed the sleeves I thought about how they cover the arms that hold me while he prayed for me or comforted me when I am afraid. I was immediately overwhelmed with love for my husband. The bonus? He honored me for my service by praising me and letting me know how much it meant to him that I was ironing his shirts. It's such a simple thing, but the rewards have been great. By the way, I LOVE being his "little house wife." :-D


  1. I'm sorry, but you are crazy. I hate ironing. Do you want to do our clothes?

  2. This is really sweet, but it still doesn't make me want to iron.

    I agree with Jenny - I HATE ironing!

  3. DITTO DITTO DITTO!!! I, too, love to iron. It is VERY relaxing. I adored how you expressed all the love and memory you found in the sleeves of a shirt.

  4. How sweet are you!! That's a neat way to make a painful chore less so. I iron VERY rarely.

  5. Another thing in common - I love ironing! I don't love sleeves or even clothes really, what I love most is small bits of fabrics (I don't love pressing 10 yards of fabric - -lol!) ~ Marguerita

  6. Ironing really can be addictive.


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