Delightful time??


Last night, I had a girl's night out with the associate pastor's wife, Angela. She is a doll!!! We laughed until we cried. It was a perfectly delightful evening.....Until the drive home.

*radio playing*

Me: Ohhhh....The Bee Gees! *humming along with the music*

Angela: *silence for a few seconds* Who are the Bee Gees? We're they before the Beatles??

Enjoy the blast from MY past. :o)


  1. WHAT? She didn't know the Bee Gees???!!! LOL I grew up where the only thing my father would listen to was the Bee Gees!!!

  2. Wow Even I've heard of the Bee Gee's and I'm only 17 :P

    The blast from your past is a whole lot more fun than the blast from my dads past :P


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