Delightful time??

March 22, 2009

Last night, I had a girl's night out with the associate pastor's wife, Angela. She is a doll!!! We laughed until we cried. It was a perfectly delightful evening.....Until the drive home.

*radio playing*

Me: Ohhhh....The Bee Gees! *humming along with the music*

Angela: *silence for a few seconds* Who are the Bee Gees? We're they before the Beatles??

Enjoy the blast from MY past. :o)


  1. WHAT? She didn't know the Bee Gees???!!! LOL I grew up where the only thing my father would listen to was the Bee Gees!!!

  2. How sweet of you to try solving my slide bar "problem". I even found a blog site and it's one you visit...finding my knitch, see how small hers is? By the way, Michael and I like the BEE GEEs too. You have a very pretty blog too.
    Oooooops...almost forgot something very important. As I was reading your blog entries I noticed that you have migraines like Michael. You might want to try ginger root as soon as it helped my sciatic pain last week when it flared (maybe I should say when it BONFIRED up) for the first (and I pray only) time and I was able to stop taking the flexeril and pain med the doctor prescribed. You can find tablets or ginger root with sugar (pretty potent stuff) at almost any health food store.
    blessings and healings to you,

  3. Wow Even I've heard of the Bee Gee's and I'm only 17 :P

    The blast from your past is a whole lot more fun than the blast from my dads past :P


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