Spreading the Word to End the Word

March 31, 2009


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Terri Schiavo

Leslie over at The Passionate Pro-Lifer, brought to my attention of the significance of this day 4 years ago...Do you remember Terri? I shall never forget her...

Go here for more information on purchasing the documentary, "The Terri Shiavo Story."

Excuse me??

March 28, 2009


Let me know if you can't see the picture. I am using Skitch as a photo hosting site and I don't know if I have the settings correct. :)

Tears, tears and more tears...

Thursday night and all day Friday, I cried. The silent tears rolling down your face kind of cry...Tears of deep seated fear and pain...Like the ones I shed when my mom died. Like the ones I shed when I knew that Brooklyn was going to live with another family. Like ones I shed when I said good bye to Brooklyn at the hospital, fully expecting to never see her again...

I am not at liberty to share what the circumstances are for this latest bout of tears. Perhaps one day I can. The point of this post is to share what an arrogant fool I am.

Here I am, this puny speck of dust, looking up into the vast heavens that God spoke into existence with a word, the One Who holds it all together with the power of His word, the One who feeds the ravens, the One Who clothes the lilies of the fields, the One Who is Truth, the One Who is the author of all life and I say to this mighty Sovereign God...

I am afraid to trust You with this...
Even so, He is merciful and kind to me...He relieves my fears, brings peace to my soul and dries my tears....
How deep is Your love
How high and how wide is Your mercy
How deep is Your grace
Our hearts overflow with praise
To You


March 27, 2009

I found them at Geekaholic. Easy peasy to add to your template. :D If you need help, just ask and I will try to assist. :)

:$ :P :( ;)

1 Peter 5:7


I made this for myself today and decided to share it in case someone else needs to hear it, too. Feel free to save the image to your own computer and use it...

Childhood Memories Friday

Rs Childhood Memories large

When I was a young girl...Probably about eight. My dad hid a hard boiled Easter egg on top of this mirror. We didn't find it for months!!! Ewwwww....
I think of that every time I see this mirror. :o)

Things In My (Momma's) House Thursday

March 26, 2009

RS small TIMHT Photobucket

Let's continue with the tour of my Momma's house. :o) Next up is one of the rooms that they rented to those who stayed in their B&B.

Growing up, this was my brother's bed. It's not the size of a full size bed and yet it's larger than a twin, so a custom made mattress had to be made for it. The quilt is one she made early on since it's a tie quilt. Later on she had her quilts machine quilted. As for all the pillows, I have no idea where she got them all, but it's a safe bet that she found a lot of them at a garage sale or something.

I'm sorry about the glare in the picture. I wasn't thinking as I took all the pictures about the best view or how to make my pictures artsy, I was just snapping away one after another as I wondered around her home.

The desk was one that I had in my room. On the top she painted names on the "blackboard" of the children she baby sat for and the names of my friends.

If I had been thinking ahead, I would have removed the objects and taken a better picture, but on that day, it seemed wrong to move anything, even for a second.

Another quilt and a pillow she made. I love how she used buttons for the girl's hair on the pillow.

On the way out of the room, hanging on the wall at eye level is this precious picture of her daddy when he was a baby. I love this picture...

He was the only grandfather that I knew. He died when I was almost six. He and I were very close. As a child, I had very severe ear infections. My mom would share stories of how he would come hold me and rock me for hours. He also used to take me out every Saturday to eat out at the local cafe in town my great-aunts owned. He would tell my mom to me dress up in my Sunday best and he would take me there to "show me off" to the patrons. My favorite food of choice? Chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes and gravy. I've always loved carbs and have the shape to prove it. Ha!

Come join MommySweetMom for Things In My House Thursday and share the things in your house!!

Why I WILL NOT read The Shack

March 25, 2009

It is not my intention to insult anyone, though I am aware some will be insulted and I am sorry for that, but it can't be helped. It is my intention to fear God more than man.

His Name is being maligned in this book. His glorious Gospel is being twisted and contorted into something that is not found in His Word. How can I be critical of this book without reading? In the same way that I can be critical of a p*rnographic movie without seeing it. As soon as I found out that God was being described as a black woman named Papa, I needed to know nothing else...

#1- It's full of heresy...

#2 - William Young denies the Penal Substitutionary Atonement.

"You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.”
Martin Luther

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Philippians 4:8

HE cares for ME!

For all who struggle with anxiety...Who feel the cares of the world as a heavy burden upon their shoulders...Who have lost their job or home...Who have a critically ill loved one...Who can't imagine how to get through one more day...

This is for you.

HE cares for ME!

"Casting all your care upon Him--for He cares for you!" 1 Peter 5:7

It is a happy way of soothing sorrow, when we can feel--"HE cares for ME!" Christian! do not dishonor God, by always wearing a brow of worry! Come--cast your burden upon your God! You are staggering beneath a weight--which your Father would not feel. What seems like a crushing burden to you--would be but as small dust to Him. Nothing is so sweet as to,

"Lie passive in God's hands,
And know no will, but His."

O child of suffering--be patient! God has not overlooked you in His providence. He who is the feeder of sparrows--will also furnish you with what you need. Do not sit down in despair.

There is One who cares for you!

His all-seeing eye is fixed on you!

His all-loving heart beats with pity for your woe!

His omnipotent hand shall yet bring you the needed help!

The darkest cloud--shall scatter itself in showers of mercy.

The blackest gloom--shall give place to the morning light.

If you are one of His family--He will bind up your wounds, and heal your broken heart. Do not doubt His grace, because of your troubles--but believe that He loves you as much in seasons of distress--as in times of happiness. What a serene and quiet life might you lead--if you would leave providing--to the God of providence!

If God cares for you--why need you care also? Can you trust Him for your soul--and not for your body? He has never refused to bear your burdens--He has never fainted under their weight. Come, then, soul! Be done with fretful worry--and leave all your concerns in the hand of your gracious God!

Extreme Sheep

March 24, 2009

A Mac and a sewing machine

Remember when my Mac was sick and needed fixin'? Remember how some sweet friends took up a donation to help me pay for Mac's surgery? This confession is for them, but y'all can read it. :o)

I have been harboring a guilty secret. For weeks now, I have been debating whether to say something about it here or not. I decided to spill it...You all need to know. And, after I tell you, I will happily and gratefully reimburse you for the gift towards my Mac's medical bill....

Remember my mom's sewing machine that I received in December? Bear with me, there is a connection. In this post, I mentioned that it was in the shop for a check up. I got the news from them right after my Mac got sick. It was not good news. To repair my Mom's sewing machine was going to cost $425 (as much as it was worth) and there was no guarantee that nothing else would go wrong with it and need another repair. Due to it's age, the parts for it are "astronomical" according to the Viking repair man. *sigh* What to do...I debated and went back and forth for over a week, weighing the pros and cons of fixing it. I got spoiled very quickly with the bells and whistles of Mom's machine and I knew I wanted another one with bells and whistles to replace it, if we decided to not fix it.

Meanwhile, a Yahoo group I am a member of called "Quilter's Flea market," had a new ad with three used Viking sewing machines for sale. The gal's husband told her she could upgrade to the Viking Diamond if she sold her other Viking sewing machines. They were much newer than my Mom's and she wasn't asking much more for them then it would cost for me to fix my Mom's. After much debate, Russ told me to get the newer one (our tax return money paid for it) and we would retire my Mom's machine. I'll be selling the accessories to it to recoup some of the money I spent on my new sewing machine...

Meanwhile again, you all were so generous to donate to help fix my Mac. I felt so guilty even considering getting a new sewing machine, thus...If any of you want your donation back, I will reimburse you. :o)

Now, that that is off my chest, so to speak, I want to show you what my hubby bought for me. :o)

Poor planning on my part

March 23, 2009

The gas meter man had to make some sort of adjustment on our gas meter. It appears I planted my flowers where he needed to sit. Whoops!! :-D

Update: 'Cause I know you were losing sleep over my sat upon daffies....Today they look like nothing happened. They really are hardy!

Delightful time??

March 22, 2009

Last night, I had a girl's night out with the associate pastor's wife, Angela. She is a doll!!! We laughed until we cried. It was a perfectly delightful evening.....Until the drive home.

*radio playing*

Me: Ohhhh....The Bee Gees! *humming along with the music*

Angela: *silence for a few seconds* Who are the Bee Gees? We're they before the Beatles??

Enjoy the blast from MY past. :o)

Obama's comment about the Special Olympics

March 21, 2009

"Mocking a class of people is the logical action of a politician whose policies work against their very existence."

Pastor Eric Schumacher

Read the rest of his thought provoking post here.

Sarah also has a few things to say, as well.

My first flower of the season!!

What a pretty sight waiting for me in one of my gardens this morning. :o)

Deborah, 13: A True Servant of God

I have a new link in my sidebar, but decided it was so important and worthwhile that I wanted to showcase Deborah in a blog post as well. Deborah is a young lady in years at only 13, and yet, she is a mighty warrior for God. May we all aspire to be like her...


You can see the documentary by the BBC3 in it's entirety here:
Deborah, 13: Servant of God.

Make sure you check out her blog, too!!

Time for drastic measures

March 20, 2009

Thank you all for praying for me. :o) It means so much to me...

Okay, I am now ready to do something proactive about these stupid migraines. What I do now when I'm getting a migraine is to take Frova to help stop it, however I don't get warnings before my migraines hit and taking it after the pain has already begun helps stop the pain only about 50% of the time. I usually end up taking extra Xanax to make me sleep through the pain. I slept until 3:00 pm yesterday. :o( It's a good thing my boys are old enough to care for themselves. I don't know what I'd do if I had little ones to care for.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. I am going to try acupuncture. I've had three people tell me to give it a try in the last month. After this last migraine, which was a VERY bad one, I am ready to do something.
I called the doctor's office about coming in for treatments. They told me to call for an appointment the next time I have a migraine, which means I need to try to talk coherently enough to make an appointment and get someone to drive me. That will be tricky! *wink* The talking coherently part, not getting someone to drive me. I'm sure someone will take me. :o)

I'll keep you posted on this new adventure I will be undertaking.


March 19, 2009


A new home...

March 18, 2009

No, not for me. :o) Remember my friend Elizabeth and her family, who lost their home last summer in the flood?? You can read about her here and here.

Well, after months and months of living in a FEMA trailer, God has blessed them with a new home!! If all goes smoothly, moving day is May 1st. I can't wait!!! :-D

God is so good....

What Grace is Mine

March 17, 2009

I love all of the Getty's music...


Whoa!!! Look how much they have both grown in the last 8 months!! Reagan will be 15 next month and he is 5' 9". Almost as tall as his dad. Mitchell will be 13 this summer and is almost as tall as I am at 5' 3". Plus he has a lot of growing years ahead!! Yikes! It won't be long and I will be the shortest one in the family.

Spring is springing!

March 16, 2009

Isn't Spring wonderful? Except for when it rains and I have 12 muddy paws to deal with, it's my favorite time of year. The bugs aren't out yet, so I can keep the sliding screen door to the backyard open and the dogs can go in and out at will. And, the flowers are beginning to peek up out of the ground.

I LOVE yard work. I like playing in the dirt, mowing the grass (though my boys do it most of the time) raking the leaves and weeding. Now, I don't love it enough to do the whole neighborhood, but I have been known to drop by a friends house and weed their garden as we are talking. I promised Jenny last fall to help her with her flower garden this spring. We'll be able to get started on that in the next month or so. :o)

Today the weather warmed up to the middle 60's. Mitchell and I collected 6 bags of leaves. The yard looks so much better. Next up...Working in the gardens and cleaning them up a bit. I need to cut the pampas grass down to 4" so it will be ready for it's new growth in a few weeks.

I also really need to divide my hostas that are behind the garage...I've said that for the last 4 years, so I really do need to get it done this Spring. They were H.U.G.E last summer! If anyone wants some, just let me know! :o)

Blog tip

March 14, 2009

When you are working on your test blog, it's a very good idea to not have your real blog open in a window or on a tab. It's very easy to accidentally click the wrong window or tab and delete the wrong blog template.

Ask me how I know...

Also, always keep a back up of your blog for such times when mistakes take place. I am VERY glad I did. :o)

Now, go try some new things to do with your blog. Blogger Buster is one of my favorite places to go to for tutorials and tips.


March 12, 2009

My hubby just sent me an email saying he was thinking of me. *deep sigh* He is sweet like that. He also calls me everyday at least once, to ask how my day is going. He's a treasure!! :o)

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