Things In My (Momma's) House Thursday

February 12, 2009

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I am going to detour from the things in my house and take a few Thursday's to show you Things in My Momma's House.

My momma's house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built in 1867 by Steven Langworthy for Sewall Spaulding Farwell who was a major during the Civil War. The house was revised around the turn of the century, again in the 1920s, and then restored in the 1970s. She moved there long after I was grown, so I never had the opportunity to live in it. It has wonderful nooks and crannies. My older children loved staying over night there and spent hours exploring the house and the very large property.

Everyone who walks through the front door in my momma's home is greeted with the portraits of her 3 children. We each had our portrait done when we were 3. I'm the cute one. ;o) Due to my sister being very ill and I don't think my brother has any desire to have his picture, I have a feeling they will end up at my house at some point. I love the wallpaper!!

On the other side of the hall, heading up the front staircase (there is a back staircase in the kitchen), my momma has her mother's hats on display. I have no idea if the child's outfit belonged to anyone in the family, but it does look cute with the display.

This is who greets you at the top of the stairs. My boys have always been fascinated with him. I think he came with the house, but I'm not sure. He seems to *fit*, don't you think?

Come join MommySweetMom for Things In My House Thursday and share the things in your house!!


  1. How lovely!

    What I wouldn't give to have my grandma's hats!

  2. Good grief, now I have a million questions; when, why, how did your mom go about choosing this house once the kids were grown, who lives there now, etc.

    I LOVE old houses; they have so much character and charm, and your mom just added to the overall appeal with her decorating.

    I'm so glad you took your friends to your Mom's house today,

    Loved the visit!

    Thanks :)

  3. I echo MSM - how very AWESOME that your mom lived in a National Registry house!! Wow! It's like visiting a historic spot, but without paying admission. I love that wallpaper, too, along with everything else. More, I want more ...

  4. This is just too great! I love the knight. I bet the place is just beautiful!


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