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February 23, 2009

Migraine is G.O.N.E.!! Yeah! I slept a lot this weekend and had to miss church. :o( I'm so grateful that I will be able to listen to the sermons via podcast. Russ, being the GREAT husband that he always is, took good care of me all weekend. He can rub my head just right. :o)

My sewing machine is in the shop getting a check up. I got addicted to sewing pretty quickly because I got desperate enough to get out my very simple sewing machine (it sews in zig-zag and straight stitch only) to toss a few pieces of fabric together. Actually, it's a new Crazy Shortcut Quilt and it's going to be a big one! Roughly 60" x 75". I have it done as far as I can get it without my Viking, so it's packed away waiting for it to come home. Apparently "the thing to do" is to label a quilt with your name, town and date. I have no aspirations to be a famous quilter or anything like that, but I do wish my mom had labeled all of her quilts, so with that thought in mind, I think I will label mine (even the bad ones). The other thing I was thinking about was somehow doing something in all of my quilts that makes it "my signature," if you will. Let's see, how to say this....Because my mom loved denim and I do, too, I've been thinking that I will put a piece of denim in all of my quilts in her honor, even if the only piece of denim is my label. Does that make sense? Anyone have any thoughts on that idea??

I have also been reflecting on how many wonderful women I have met since I began my blog. I want you all to know, that I cherish each and every comment you make and I cherish the visitors that stop by and are too shy to say a word. I know you are there, that's all that matters. :o) *waving* Hi, Loretta!! I thank God for all of you....


  1. SO glad your migraine is gone!!!! Those are the worst. When mine finally leave I feel like I can breathe again without it hurting to do so. Praying you don't get another for a long, long time!

  2. Oh Amy, I'm so sorry you had a bad migraine. Our pastor, Josh Harris also had one this last week and one of the other pastors had to step in to preach on Sunday. I've never had one, but am so glad yours is GONE! Maybe your new hobby of quilting became an obsession and gave you a migraine?!?!?! Ha! LOL!

  3. I think adding your name and info is a fantastic idea!!!!!!

  4. I'm glad I come here also. I always enjoy visiting and learning more about you!

  5. Hi Amy, and I am also so happy to have met YOU! I am very glad your migraine is gone. I'm so sorry about your computer, though ... I sure hope it can be fixed more inexpensively. Believe me, I know how attached a person can get to her computer! ;)


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