Excuse me???!!!!

February 14, 2009

Once a month, a supervising teacher comes to visit our home to make sure I am really educating my children and not allowing them to sit in front of a TV all day...Yes, there are people who do that and it makes my blood boil to have them be the ones featured on the news while the hundreds of thousands other homeschooling families who are doing it right get ignored...But I digress...

Mitchell is sharing about what he is doing and how much he loves his math (thank you, Math-U-See). He then shares this lovely piece of information....

"Yeah, Reagan helped me with my math because mom was passed out."

Just for the record...I am not drinking. I was simply taking a nap. :o) All I have to say is that it's a good thing he is cute...


  1. Thankfully, we don't have that type of homeschooling supervision here.
    I say thankfully, NOT because we'd be spending the day in front of the TV, but because at least Mary and I often spend the day in our pajamas...it'd bum us out to have to get dressed! :)

    (And I really relate to the "passed out" comment - I am a Big Napper - any time of the day.....)

  2. Oh my! That is too funny!!!!

    Julianne and I are also all-day pj wearers. It's so comfy!

  3. I've not actually heard of anyone checking up on home schoolers before now! We, like you, have a full day of school each day. so if someone actually did come to visit here, they would find we're very busy learning. Do they have to file a report or something on their observations?

    I had to laugh at the Passed Out comment! I used to have to take naps as well so I can relate! Love your cheery blog!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment! I have met the nicest people since starting this silly, random blog of mine. :o)

    We participate in a homeschool assistance program. It's basically part of the school system, but not part of it, all at the same time. I could homeschool on my own, but I would have to send in portfolios to show my children's progress. The homeschool assistance program is much easier and they offer classes, too.


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