Depression is lifting...

February 27, 2009

I tend to stay cheery and upbeat on my blog. It is a big part of who I am, however, there is another side of me that pops up every now again and that is the part of me that deals with depression and anxiety. I have been dealing with that a lot this week. Today is the first day all week where I feel like I can smile from the heart. I even got dressed. Make up and all! For those who get depressed, you know what a big deal that is.

Depression is a funny thing. I can say to myself:

My kids are healthy! Many parents are dealing with childhood cancer.
My husband loves me! Many women are on their own.
I have a home! Many are homeless.

And I can be truly grateful for those things, along with 100's of other things I could list, but the depression will not lift. Sometimes I feel worse because I have been given so much and blessed so greatly by God and I sit here depressed. I hate being in that place...

I began to read John Piper's booklet, "When the Darkness Will Not Lift." Though I don't wish depression on anyone, it's good to know that there are amazing godly men and women, who have dealt with depression, too. It's an encouragement to me, that's why I am sharing a bit about my depression and anxiety with you all today. Perhaps someone will stumble across my blog who also struggles with depression and will be encouraged to know that there is someone who understands.


  1. I can only offer a cyberhug but if we we closer it would be a bear hug!

    So many suffer the effects of depression and I'm glad you are being transparent about it. In my life, bouts of depression are a part of me. When I sink into depression, I realize just how desperately I need to sit at the Cross of the One who came to save.

    Love ya sista - praying for you...

  2. You are not alone. I, too, have battled depression and anxiety. A great book that has helped me is Feeling Good by David Burns. There is a workbook version too.


  3. I would very highly recommend Ed Welch's book "Depression: A Stubborn Darkness."

    Here are some other things that helped me:

    Also -- if you'd sell that Mac and join the civilized and sanctified world by buying a PC, you'd be free of depression and migraines. :)

  4. Thank you, Pastor Eric...I have missed being at church. Several people have emailed me and called to make sure I was okay. We have a wonderful family at Northbrook.

    I'll check out the links.

    I'm ignoring your last sentence. ;o)


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