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January 8, 2009

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Update: My Laurie stopped in this morning and she went "ga ga" over the tablecloth and requested I save it for her for someday. Well, that would not do, I took it off the table that instant and handed it to her. Now, it's no longer a thing in my house and it's giving me more joy now than it did when it was here.


I have tried and tried to get pictures uploaded, then I would get distracted (I am almost sure I am ADD) and then I would remember and try again and still they wouldn't upload. That's been my whole day!!

But now, finally, my contribution is ready for all to see. I will confess, I have owned this piece for less than two hours. I went shopping at the Salvation Army and found this treasure for $1.47. My mom would be so proud!! Except for a few small yellowish stains, this hand embroidered tablecloth is in perfect condition. The handwork is exquisite!! Can you imagine all the hours that it took to create it??

Here is a close up of one of the sections.

Here is a close up of the back of it. I can only dream of my work looking that good on the back of my embroidedery creations.

Come join us for Things In My House Thursday and share your stuff!!


  1. That is beautiful! Only $1.47? Doncha just love thrift stores?

  2. That is beyond a bargain! It is so beautiful - but oh, the hours and the skill and the care that went into that piece.... and it ended up at a thrift store. How perfect that you found it, so it can be cherished and appreciated. :)

  3. Wow! What a bargain for such a lovely piece. I love finding treasures like that!

  4. I wonder what the creator of that lovely tablecloth was living through as she made that work of art? Was it a gift? An heirloom? Teaching someone in her family how to do it?
    I wonder where she is now too! :)

    Someday, I am going to try to get in on the things in my house Thursdays! I always seem to check it on Fridays!! Hee Hee

  5. Oh, thanks for sharing that beautiful tablecloth. What a bargain that was!!

    When I lived in NJ, I used to belong to an Embroidery Guild. It was a great learning experience as I was just starting out and most of the ladies in that group were older and more experienced. One of the things they always did when I showed them what I was working on, was to turn it over and inspect the back. They were adamant that the backs should look as good as the fronts! It's a lesson I've never forgetten!

  6. Wow that is awesome! Having stitched myself, I am shocked you were able to pick up such a laborious piece for so cheap. I'm glad it found a home where it's detail is appreciated!!


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