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January 13, 2009

I shared with the Swappies, the surprise I had for Jen and Brooklyn. One Swappie made an observation I hadn't thought of...She said:

So sweet that you could use your mom's sewing machine to make this for Brooklyn.
That simple sentence stopped me in my tracks. My mom used this machine to make things for my daughter, her granddaughter, and now I was using it to make things for my granddaughter, her great-grandddaughter.

I began to remember the things she gave to Haley that she made. A simple quilt, doll clothes for her American Girl dolls and clothing. As I was doing my creating, I poured hours and hours of love into what I was making for Brooklyn. I never fully realized how much love my mom poured into the things she created for Haley... and for me, over the years. Now, when I look at the things in my home she had created, whether a sewing project, a painting or a piece of furniture she fixed up, I see and feel the hours of love she spent on me...

As soon as I hear that the surprise made it to Brooklyn's house, I'll post pictures of what I made. :o) I am doing so well at keeping the surprise (which is a minor miracle) I don't want to blow it now. ;o)

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  1. I'm trying to think of an appropriate adjective to use and I'm unable to do so!

    Such a wonderful post!


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