Childhood Memories Friday ~ New Meme

January 16, 2009

Susan of Girls in White Dresses, has started a new meme about childhood memories. I can't promise to be faithful to post every week, as you can all tell by my lack of My Husband Rocks Friday posts lately. Trust me, he ROCKS all the time. I love that man...I enjoy reading other people's memories of their childhoods. It sparks memories of my childhood memories in those sweeter and simpler days gone by.

For example, last week, Jen of MommySweetMom posted about tar bubbles and Indian beads. I hadn't thought about tar bubbles in years!! Just reading about her memory caused me to recall the hours I spent popping tar bubbles when I was a child. I remembered how we could all be gone from home all day, without *gasp* a cell phone to check in. I would leave in the morning and not come home until lunch and go out again until supper time. I wandered the streets of town along with every one else. I wish my children could have that freedom. Perhaps in smaller towns kids can still do that.

I also remember my mom writing a note giving me permission to use her credit card so I could buy new jeans. Can you imagine doing that today?? Or buying something and telling them to put it on my parents tab. Amazing...

What are some of YOUR childhood memories?? :o)


  1. I'm feeling kind of jealous now that I don't know a thing about tar bubbles! I know what you mean about it seeming so idyllic to think of us as kids taking off for the day with no fears on our parents' parts ... I enjoyed your memory! Thanks for "playing" along!

  2. This is good! - I love the part about 'permission' to use your parents' credit card; couldn't do that today - but of course, our kids would have their own, probably.

    Sorry I've haven't checked in more recently; I've been missing some good posting!


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