The hat

December 9, 2008

Me: Look, Russ...I made a hat! What do you think?

Russ: *head tilted to the side as he studies me sporting said hat upon my head* It's a nice hat, but I don't think red is your color.

Me: Oh...So, when I ordered my new winter coat, why did you tell me to get the red one?

Russ: *trying to tap dance his way out of this faux pas* Maybe it will look better on you when you add some embellishments.

Anyone want a beautiful red wool hat? :o)


  1. I think the hat is really cute!

  2. I love the hat, and I have loved your blog for months. Found it by searching through the CWO site. We used to have sheep and our family was amazed at how the Bible and Bible stories "came alive" as we learned sheep behavior! Your on my list!

  3. I'll take the adorable red hat!

    But I'm sure it'll look way too cute on you matching your coat : )


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