Days are flying past so quickly!

December 17, 2008

I didn't realize I haven't posted here in four days. The days are flying quickly by and there is much to be done. I haven't baked one Christmas cookie yet! My goal today is to get to the post office and get my gifts mailed to Brooklyn and the gift I bought for Loretta.

The latest update is our den is done and we are all moved back in, though the walls are still bare.

We decided to try having the piano in the den instead of the living room. It's working out very nicely. I can still hear the boys play (which I really enjoy) and they can play while I am on the phone. It's nice having the living room back in order. I found a home for my new table in front of the picture window. Come Spring, I'll get it refinished. :o)

Haley and Jason are heading our way to spend time with us. I haven't seen Haley since last Christmas!! It will be interesting to see how their two pups do with my 3 pups. We are hoping the weather will cooperate and they will be back in time to go with us to Russ' family Christmas party on Saturday.

School is going better for Reagan, after a rough start with a new curriculum program this year. He's ahead in several subjects, so I am letting him take a break with those classes until after the New Year. Mitchell is continuing to fly through his school work. He is such a sponge! He must be going through a cognitive leap or something.

Time to get my day started!

Have a blessed day, everyone!!


  1. I've got the cookies baked but very few gifts purchased, and NOTHING ready to mail. So, if we combined our efforts, we'd be all ready for Christmas! LOL!

  2. The den looks very inviting!

    I cannot believe how this month has flown by; I've done most of my shopping but there is still all the baking (Mary) and get-togethers to plan.

    I need just a few extra days.... :)

  3. I love the den. It looks great. We still have lots of pictures to hang up LOL!

    I can't believe Christmas is in a week. It always comes so fast. I did make Christmas cookies but they are all gone!!

    I'm headed out in a few minutes to grocery shop, library, etc. We're off school until after the New Year also. Yeah!!

  4. It's hard to go so long not seeing our girls, huh, Amy?

    Your den looks really nice, and I know you'll enjoy it.

    I've not baked yet, either. Hopefully, it will get done.


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